Healing Synergy Center: Centering the spirit, mind and body

Open the mind and center your spirit

To listen to Leonard's latest meditation go to the Meditation link above.

 Through the practice of a blend of REIKI, QIGONG and guided meditation open your mind, calm your spirit and promote the natural healing potential you have within

About Us

Leonard Wimpee

Certified Qigong instructor

Level 1 Reiki practitioner.

I have been studying Qigong since 2000 and became a certified Qigong trainer in 2006.

I have found that blending Qigong and Reiki causes the energy QI or KI to flow very smoothly. It enhances my awareness of the energy and helps center my intention. Using the two forms of energy work together it has helped me to become more at peace in the universe. It has helped me to center my mind and be more aware of what my body needs to function at a higher level. Incorporating the 9 breath meditation into my daily routine helps revitalize my body and centers my  mind, and spirit as I head out into the world.




Next Class date TBD

 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 

* Channel Reiki Energy to

   Yourself and Others

* Scan the Body for dis-ease

* Meditate, Qi Gong Breathing

* Level I Attunements

* Chakras &  Pendulums

* Reiki Manual & Certification

1 Hour Reiki Session with prepaid class

Lunch will be provided


Cost: $100:00 (credit
cards accepted)

Also Available:

Join us for a Full Moon Reiki Circle

On the Beach ~ October 18, 2013

Reiki Level II will be presented 9-8-2013

Private Reiki Sessions

For Registration or more information

Call: (561) 596-0757






At the Healing Synergy Center through the practice of QIGONG and REIKI together the energy is synchronized and is blended to help produce an overall feeling of wellbeing. It helps to calm the mind and body and helps to relieve stress from the hustel and bustle of life as we know it. Come join us in our search for peace of mind and spiritual well-being.